Monday, 2 March 2015


I was going to start up writing about my fortnightly favourites a few months ago, but then I was catching the train to dumpsville and decided to wallow - you know, walking from empty room to empty room sighing, crying at the most stupid things. I'm not saying I'm tap dancing from room to room, using party poppers to end every sentence joyfully, but I am feeling better as each week goes by and hopefully that will continue.

My family have been amazing, and I had a boost in confidence from my CBT therapist, who tells me I'm doing all the right things and encourages me to focus on my life, and do the things that I want to do. Instead of working towards what's best for the 'we', do what is best for the 'me'. It's such a big life change and the permanent end of one life, but that must mean that it is the start of a new one...right?

FAVOURITE DAY - 19th February
It could be my favourite day there has ever been, never mind in the last fortnight, it was the day my niece, Imogen Grace Meek, was born, to my sister Rachael and her husband Chris. I haven't been able to see her as much as I would like because I have been under the weather and I want to protect her, but hse is absolutely perfect, and the little noises she makes are so adorable. I bought her this baby grow from Not On The Highstreet - isn't she lovely?

I've always wanted to work with animals, and if I had my time again at university, I would probably do Vetinary Studies. Instead I went down the academic route and although I love science, it wasn't going to be a career that worked out for me. I love what I do now as a freelance copywriter, but it is very isolating working on your own. So, with the big change, I decided it was time to at least give the dream a try. So I have enrolled in an online dog grooming course to learn all the theory, and hope to do some practical training in a dog grooming salon after it. Wish me luck!

With some extra free time on my hands, and a growing insomnia problem, I am certainly getting my money's worth out of Netflix. And although I have been watching a lot of Breaking Bad, it is Sky Atlantic's Fortitude that I look forward to most in the week. I love the isolated artic setting, and the air of mystery within the small town, plus with a cast including Stanley Tucci, Sophie Grabol and the legendary Michael Gambon, it is one not to miss.

I was seriously in need of a confidence boost, so when my lovely mam said she would take me to get my hair done I was delighted. I had my hair cut into a choppy bob, which has plenty of shape, in contrast to the quite flat and shapeless hair that I had before. I love the change and hope it will give me a boost, to get back out and about in the world.

(Apart from all the pictures if my neice) I love this picture of myself with my Auntie's dog, Molly. She came to spend the day with me last week to keep me company, and although I couldn't get any work done, or have a moments peace, it was lovely to have her here. it has definitely reinforced my decision that I want a dog of my own.

FAVOURITE BOOK - Dark Matter by Michelle Paver
Definitely not a book to read at bedtime, like I did, Dark Places is a ghost story set in the utter isolation of and artic winter. Poor Londoner, Jack soon finds himself the last hope of his team's expidition to Gruhunken, as one-by-one his team mates are forced to leave. But Jack is not really alone, something waits for him in the perpetual darkness...

What have you guys been loving this fortnight? Let me know in the comments.

Gems x

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Friday, 13 February 2015


I have to be honest, I wasn't sure if I was ever going to be able to come back to blogging. When you life changes so drastically in a way you both didn't expect, or didn't want, it can be hard to be reminded of what you have lost, and of all the challenges you now face. For 4 weeks, Fashion, Well Done was something that served to remind me of a life I no longer had.

But, I have to remember why I started it in the first place. It was always supposed to be a way for me to boost my confidence after decades of anxiety. And as a way to interact with other people. Already feeling isolated, it didn't seem to make sense anymore to isolate myself further by leaving the blog behind.

I can't be sure if it will last, I may still find it painful to continue. But for now I'm back, hoping that it will have a positive impact and make my world seem a little fuller. Still I laugh a little more every day, and I have a family that are there with me when I don't. But, I don't think I will ever not miss what is gone - sometimes you just have to play with the hand that life has dealt you.

I don't know how many outfit posts I will be able to publish over the next few months as I no longer have a photographer, but I will try and keep involved and commenting. I miss all my blogger chums, you have all been so supportive in the past so I have no reason to believe you wont be now.

Gems x

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Wednesday, 14 January 2015


Well, the sun doesnt actually shine that often here in the North of England, but when it does shine, you have to make the most of it, because some gale force wind and chilly rain is sure to be following close behind. So on a sunny day just before Christmas, I decided to brave wearing a dress and get some air and a few pictures - I'm really running low of outfit pictures, there is only so many times you can take style shots of a parka zipped up to the neck, stupid winter.

Faux Fur Jacket, Next - Similar Here.
Shirt, ASOS - Similar Here.
Dress, Bank - Similar Here.

How do so many bloggers go out in freezing temperatures with bare legs and no jacket, and take loads of stunningg style shots, looking serene and beautiful. If it was me I would look like I was being tortured by a sadistic photographer, hugging myself against the cold and sobbing. Maybe I am too much of a wimp for the fashion blogger game.

Does any blogger have any tips for taking good fashion shots inside, when the weather is raging outside? It has been so windy in Newcastle the last few weeks, within a split second being out of the door and I have been blown into the nearest tree, like a scrappy plastic bag, or look a hot mess.

Did anyone get snow this week? I was so disappointed not to have anyone, I must be the only person in the country who likes it.

Gems x

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Wednesday, 7 January 2015


RCCN BRND Snapback, c/o Raccoon Brand - Same Here.
The Logo Sweatshirt c/o Raccoon Brand - Same Here.
Human Hair Extensions - Wonderful Hair.

In recent months, I have become seriously fond of streetwear - I have been leaving my dresses and jumpsuits in the wardrobe, swaping them for faux leather trousers, sweatshirts and snapbacks. Maybe it is the cold (North East England sucks when it comes to the wind and rain combo) that has made me crave streetwear layers, but right now it's working for me. Maybe at 31, I am a starting to get a little old for streetwear, but I honestly don't care. Life is too short to wear and do things you think you are supposed to...

Faux Leather Biker, New Look - Same Here.
Faux Leather Trousers, H&M - Similar Here.
Satchel - Nica
Shoes, Asos - Similar Here.

One of my favorite streetwear labels, is the cheeky Raccoon Brand, for their mischevious raccoon prints, high quality and comfort. The sweatshirt has a cool unisex fit (I'm wearing an XS) and has a super soft fleecy inside, perfect for a damp day strolling through town. The snapback is also of pretty sick (street lingo alert) quality, with a durable stitched logo and adjustable strap. I decided to wear back to front as I did grow up in the nineties.

Does anyone think they might be incorporating some streetwear into their wardrobe in 2015? What do you think of Raccoon Brand's quirky style?

Gems x
*Snapback and Sweatshirt provided by Raccoon Brand for purpose of review, all opinions are my own.

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Monday, 5 January 2015



December was a good month for nails for me. I couldn't afford the Ciate Mini Manor, but TK Maxx had the Ciate Mini Mani Month for the bargain price of £19.99. This meant I could have the nail varnish advent calender of my dreams, and paint my nails lots of lovely colours, right up until Christmas. Plus each window hid a lovely little message, either fun or inspirational.

Some of the cute daily quotes.
The 5ml nail varishes really brightened up my days, giving me that little extra boost as I coped with the holiday anxiety - painting my nails as a treat to myself for getting through the day. I'm yet to try the world famous Ciate Caviar Manicure (I didn't trust myself to get them everywhere), but I did try the glitter and sequins, and loved them. I have some shades left to try, but the ones I have tried thus far I have loved - they go on very smooth and dry with a durable finish.

Loveliness of 'Snowflake' and 'Boudoir'
'Amazing Gracie with 'Boudoir' and the candy pink of 'Hoopla'.
'Main Stage' and 'Candy Floss' look great together, whilst 'Pillow Fight' is a star on it's own.

A little bit of sparkle added to 'Chinchilla' and 'Tweed & Tails'
The dark and sultry 'Starlet' and the shining star of 'Fit for a Queen'.
I would love to see some more manicures for nail inspiration, so please leave me links to your posts.

Gems x
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Saturday, 3 January 2015


I have to say a big thank you, for all the support on my previous post. I think for some people it is really difficult to talk about their problems with anxiety or mental illness, so if I can just encourage one person to speak up then it will be worth it. There is no need to be embarrassed or suffer alone, no matter what you feel, there will be someone who understands you.

Since I had been so anxious for a few weeks, all the times I went out felt like a bit of an ordeal (reminder to self: you survived all those 'ordeals'), I felt I deseved a nice winter walk when I felt better. A trip down to the Sunday quayside market, passing through the castle keep, on a cold fresh day, was a real pick me up.

Jumper, White Stuff - Same Here.
Jeans - TK Maxx.
Biker Boots, New Look - Same Here.
Parka, Noisy May - Same Here.
Bobble Hat, Fat Face.
Satchel, Nice - Similar Here.
Hair Extensions - Competition win from Wonderful Hair.

The parka was a fabulous sale find from ASOS and it is now only £20, so get your hands on it quick - it is super warm, and appears to be waterproof, which is going to be useful in the North East of England. Everything else were Christmas gifts (how luck am I?), including the gorgeous satchel from Nica, it was love at first sight. And thanks to the super quality of my real hair extensions from Wonderful Hair, I have realised that bad hair days are a thing of the past. A few clips and I have long glossy locks to make a mermaid spew up her seaweed in jealousy - take that Ariel!!

How have you been keeping warm on these cold winter days?

Gems x
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Monday, 29 December 2014


I'm sorry for my absence the last few weeks. Unfortunately, I have been having a difficult time with anxiety and depression - maybe due to all the pressures of the holiday season. I have been working hard and hopefully I will continue to improve and build my confidence over the next few weeks and get back to myself.

There has been a lot of tears and a lot of fear, but with the help of family, friends, and of course Ryan, I have made it through Christmas and I'm hopefully ready to take on all the challenges that 2015 will bring. If you have been feeling lost over the holiday season, you are not alone. It can be hard to discuss those feelings with loved ones, when everyone is so happy and jolly. But, you have nothing to be ashamed of - don't cut yourself off and pretend everything is OK, it is perfectly OK not to be OK. It isn't your fault, you don't do it to yourself, it is something that happens to you.

So anyway, now that I have got the hard stuff out of the way, I can get back to the good stuff...clothes and shit. You might remember a few weeks ago, that I was all googly-eyed and in love with my lace dress from Lulu's Boutique. I've already worn it in a Gothic style, but for a recent jaunt to the shops, I wanted something more laid back to I looked to the '90s and went grunge.

Layered with a checked shirt and teamed with some knee high boots and a bobble hat, and it was grunge perfection. Of course the look could not be complete with a messy plait, so thank you to Wonderful Hair, for your amazing human hair extensions, for helping me achieve the grunge plait of my dreams.

Lace and Organza Dress, c/o Lulu's Boutique - Same Here.
Checked Shirt, F&F - Similar Here.
Biker Jacket, Matalan - Similar Here.
Over-the-Knee Boots, New Look - Similar Here.

I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas and are looking forward to 2015.

Gems x

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