Friday, 22 September 2017



The Burberry Trench – A Fashion Icon
Autumn has arrived, which means for many of us hat cute camisoles are replaced with chunky knits, and slinky summer dresses are being swapped for cosy sweater dresses. With the arrival of the changing leaves, comes new trends in outerwear. The likes of military, masculine tailoring, and leather, are all outerwear trends that resurface every few years. But, for a timeless, always on trend outerwear piece, it has to be the classic trench coat.

The most iconic outerwear item of all time, has to be the classic Burberry trench coat. The jacket was a key innovation of the high end British fashion label, that changed the world of outerwear forever. The Burberry trench is an icon and will be a wardrobe investment that you are highly unlikely to regret. It will be on trend season after season, year after year, and the exceptional quality will ensure that it stands the test of time.

Your Burberry trench will be so versatile that it is destined to be one of the hardest working members of your wardrobe. There are so many ways you can style this fashion icon, to give completely different looks. Get some sartorial inspiration, with our own styling ideas for the outerwear classic, the Burberry Halvington Trench. We present five very different ways, to wear this beautiful piece of modern tailoring.

Classic Casual Styling of the Burberry Trench Coat
The Burberry trench is the perfect outerwear to team with some quality J Brand skinny jeans and some timeless Golden Goose sneakers, or similar pieces. This relaxed daytime look, is effortlessly chic, perfect for an autumn day exploring around the city. Use accessories to add a pop of colour to your look, such as a bold satchel, and a fun printed Alexander McQueen scarf.

Classic Casual Burberry Trench: 1) Halvington Trench Coat, Burberry; 2) Short Sleeve Mock Neck Top in Navy with Bone Stripe, T by Alexander Wang; 3) Purple Hearts Scarf, McQ Alexander McQueen; 4) 620 Mid Rise Super Skinny Jeans in Fix, J Brand; 5) Cynthia Faux-Leather Satchel Bag, French Connection; 6) White Sparkle Superstar Sneakers, Golden Goose.

Evening Wear Elegance Styling of the Burberry Trench Coat
For those colder autumn evenings, your Burberry trench will be the perfect piece to throw over your evening dress. With some killer heels, an ornate clutch and some carefully chosen jewelry, you will have a beautiful and elegant evening wear look that will certainly turn a few heads.

Evening Wear Elegance Burberry Trench: 1) Halvington Burberry Trench As Before; 2) Teardrop Guipure Maxi Dress, Self-Portrait; 3) Parker Earrings, Lizzie Fortunato; 4) Mirrored Pink Gold Open-toe Punp, Giuseppe Zanotti; 5) Floral Embroidered Black Satin Clutch, Roberto Cavalli.

Office On Point Styling of the Burberry Trench Coat
You can be all business in that classic Burberry trench, thanks to it's timeless tailoring. Wear with a quirky white shirt, and a tailored pencil skirt for a strong and stylish work wear look. Finish with a beautiful Kate Spade watch for a little extra touch of luxury. Be kind to your feet too, and opt for a comfortable, yet stylish pair of loafers, which you can easily swap for some killer heels if you are heading straight to dinner or the bar from the office.

 Office On Point Burberry Trench: 1) Halvington Burberry Trench, As Before; 2) Short Sleeve Peplum Top, Veronica Beard; 3) Chelsea Large Leather Shoulder Tote in Merlot, Michael Kors; 4) Beige Lizard Gaeva Loafers, Mari Giudicelli; 5) Houndstooth Pencil Skirt, Isa Arfen; 6) Leather Holland Watch, Kate Spade New York.

Cosy Comfort Styling of the Burberry Trench Coat
As the days get shorter, darker and colder, sometimes you just want to be warm and cosy when you are out and about on errands. Layer up your Burberry trench coat with a chunky knit and slouchy jeans, and finish your look with a cosy bobble hat and some comfortable sneakers. A quirky backpack adds a touch of fun, and gives you somewhere to put anything you might need for the day.

Cosy Comfort Burberry Trench: 1) Burberry Halvington Trench, As Before; 2) Asymmetric Cotton Sweater, Hampden Clothing; 3) Navy Cashmere Fur Bobble Hat, Inverni; 4) Vintage Alex Slouch Jean, Tibi; 5) Multi Anna Doll Face Backpack, Lulu Guinness; 6) Air Zoom Span Women's Running Shoe, Nike.

A Little Bit of Edge Styling of the Burberry Trench Coat
Even though the Burberry trench is one of the all time fashion classics, it can still be styled with a little bit of edge. Add some leather, some chunky biker boots, and some stud details, and you have a super stylish look, but with plenty of edge. How cute is the Commes des Garçons Play t-shirt, by the way?

 A Little Bit of Edge Burberry Trench: 1) Halvington Burberry Trench, As Before; 2) Grey Big Heart T-shirt, Comme des Garçons Play; 3) Pierce Stud Structured Leather Bucket Bag, Flynn; 4) Leather A-Line Skirt, Whistles; 5) Harness Western Boot, Durango.

So, now you see how versatile the Burberry trench coat really is. Any trench coat would be a great wardrobe investment – it can be worn all year round and for pretty much every occasion. How would you style yours?

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Wednesday, 13 January 2016


Snapback - Raccon Brand
Grey Denim Shirt and Jeans - Primark
Biker Boots - New Look
Sorry it has been so long. I had been working very hard to make sure I could make Christmas pretty special, and it was. I've also been spending a lot of time with my niece, which has been the most special thing of all. She can pee, poop and vomit all over me, and I still think she is the cutest thing alive - that must be the definition of real love. She even gets bits of my pizza, my actual pizza...and you know how I feel about melted cheese.

Well fashion wise, I have been dressing down a lot. With no man to pretend I want to impress, with increasing laziness, it is so much more desirable to throw on jeans, as opposed to carefully planning out an outfit, and perhaps having to use the iron....the horror.

How was Christmas and New Year for all my blogger chums?

Gems x

Wednesday, 18 November 2015


Everyone Should Sparkle This Christmas 

Luxemme is a luxury ladies brand, with plenty of gorgeous garments, but they also have a really big heart. Last year they worked with many charities, sending clothes to those in need - be it the homeless and those that didn't have a family to share Christmas with.

This Christmas they are spreading a little bit of joy, by giving away free £15 vouchers for the site to anyone that registers...including you. You can give these vouchers to friends and family as Christmas gifts, or treat yourself to something that you wouldn't otherwise be able to. Luxemme really does want to help spread some festive spirit to those that don't get their fair share. They would make a great secret Santa gift, don't you think?

So get following Luxemme on social media and sign up to get your free vouchers which will arrive in the post in time for Christmas -

  • Facebook - /Luxemme
  • Twitter - @luxemme
  • Instagram - @luxemmeuk

I'd love to receive a Luxemme voucher in my Christmas stocking as for me they are of the best online stores to go for womens playsuits and as you know Gemma loves a good playsuit or jumpsuit. The clothing quality and designs are fantastic, but their prices are really affordable, and for a starving writer, price is definitely a factor for me. Luxemme’s designers seem to take inspiration from the latest trends but add their own twist in order to make each item unique, and I'm not really a follower of trends, I like something a little different. I just love their style and have a Luxemme wishlist a mile long.

If you want to spread the cheer like I do, and make someone smile a little wider this Christmas, go on and order your free vouchers.

Are you all getting excited for Christmas? This little giveaway should help.

Gems x

Saturday, 7 November 2015


I went to see the big reveal of Fenwick's window in Newcastle yesterday, and it has really put me in the Christmas spirit. Snow machines and real-life reindeer, would have melted the heart of the Grinch himself. It really was rather magical, and so, for the first time in years, I find myself quite excited for the upcoming festive season. I actually may not have to do any panic buying for Christmas presents this year...wouldn't that be the treat.

Each year my sister has a Christmas jumper party, so I have to find the cutest holiday jumper I can, and the selection at Ugly Duck Clothing, is hitting me right in the cuteness centre of my brain. I am loving some of the other novelties they have in their Christmas shop, it was hard to select just a few favourites, but here they are...

What is your favourite piece from my Christmas selection? Visit the Ugly Duck website, to see the collection in full. And be sure to follow them on Instagram as they have a competition running, where three lucky ducks can win the item of their choice from the Chrimbo shop.

Gems x
*This was a post created in collaboration with Ugly Duck Clothing, all opinions are my own.

Wednesday, 28 October 2015


How do I know when winter has arrived? I start tucking my tops into my underwear, instead of just my trousers, as I feel like I need that extra layer of protection. Winter is here, as my tops are now all firmly tucked into my knickers to prevent any drafts, or as my grandma used to say "cold on your kidneys" - she didnt like those low slung jeans me and my sister wore in our teenage years.

So the parka has come has come out of storage (i.e. where it has been crammed under my bed), the biker boots are on, and the wooly hats that make me feel like a cute little gnome adorn my head daily...I don't deal well with the cold, or the heat for that matter, like a typical Brit. I want to be room temperature at all times...I'm not your typical Geordie that will go out without a coat on in a blizzard, well not anymore.

Parka, Noisy May - Similar Here.
Tartan Tee, Select -  Similar Here.
Faux Leather Trousers, H&M - Similar Here
Biker Boots, New Look - Similar Here.
Wrap up because, Baby it's cold outside...

Gems x

Wednesday, 21 October 2015


I've fancied myself as a bit of a fashion designer many times, not all of them successful. There was the time I bleached my jeans and smelled like a toilet for a week, or the time I turned my denim jacket into a vest and looked like George Michael, circa 1989. But I still think I will be having a go at the competition from Joules to design their own pair of the iconic Joules wellies. The winner will get their design put into production....yes actual production, to buy on the website ( all the proceeds going to CHARITABLY JOULES. A great little competition for a great cause.

But doing good for mankind, is not the only incentive to enter. The winner will win a £5000 luxury forest holiday for 3 days in a golden oak treehouse (imagine all the luxury £5000 will get you...oh my). Ten runners up will receice a £250 joules gift card...amazing!!

Now where are my coloured pencils, and where are my wellies and the nearest puddle for inspiration...

Send your enteries in via this link, and maybe see me splashing about in puddles in them, one day soon.

Good Luck to all the budding designers...especially me!!



The double denim look - also known as the hillbilly tuxedo (sorry Cletus) has always been a look that has passed me by. Because I have huge teeth, I often feel like I look goofy enough, without taking on the hillbilly favourite, denim just everywhere. A stick of corn in my mouth and an attractive cousin by my side and I would be all set. Am I sterotyping a bit?

Denim Shirt Dress (tucked in), Boohoo - Same Here.
Skinny Jeans -Primark
 I'm sorry for the poor quality pictures - I think I have lost my confidence in front of the camera, convinced I am losing my looks as each ay of my 30's progresses. Soon I will become Mrs Havisham-esque - hiding away in a darkened room, covered in dust and a raggedy wedding dress that I will never wear up an aisle, as no man would ever marry my ugle ass.

I also have a double denim look in all grey, you know that colour that really suits my littering personality.

Does double denim work for you? How do you wear it?

Gems x